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Humdrum - Branding & Gallery Concept

Fall 2023

In the 1976, the Sex Pistols debuted in Manchester. It was a small show, but many of the attendees went on to become history making musicians. Thus begins the Manchester punk scene. The city's youth, disenchanted with the prevailing social and economic conditions, found an outlet for their frustrations through the raw and rebellious energy of punk music. Iconic venues such as The Electric Circus and the Ranch became havens for the movement, hosting groundbreaking bands like Buzzcocks, The Fall, and Joy Division.


Humdrum is a retrospective concept gallery presenting the story of 70s Manchester punks and the scene they flourished in. The deliverables include posters to advertise the event, a zine to guide attendees through the gallery, and a double LP and t-shirt tubes to purchase in the gift shop.

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